Monday, October 1, 2007

exercise: biked 30 minutes
general condition: very sleepy, didn't get enough sleep... eating to stay awake


saturae said...

Have you had the sugar-free Red Bull before? I know we discussed Red Bull in Vegas ... but I was so sleepy-fuzzy-brained, I don't remember what all about Red Bull was discussed.

Any way, I think I've mentioned it before, but I like the sugar-free version better. My favorite energy drink though, is BAWLS!

PS, hope you get better sleep. I've been having weird dreams lately. Ugh.

polish sausage queen said...

I normally try not to drink energy drinks, only in last resort.
But Bawls, is definitely pretty looking, and I'd like to try it next time I need it.

meanwhile, I am so tired and over-run lately, I rarely remember any of my dreams. so more and more I day dream of living little self sufficient farm in the middle of nowhere. wanna join? you can tend and overlook to all the lychee trees. :)

saturae said...

I would love that! I made a list of all the thing I want in a little town - I should scan it and share it with you.

I want to garden & grow herbs & master cooking... Have some dogs, cats, chickens, alpacas, and whatnot. Oh, and ponies. And treehouses. All by a river. No more work. I don't get why we do it.